The Road

October 21, 2017



Back on the road again!  Rock n' Flow Nation stand up!  I can't describe the feeling of traveling all over the country, making a living playing the music that I love... it's very humbling to connect to my fans from around the world, and from all walks of life.  This time, I'm making stops in Durham, New Hampshire and Presque Isle, Maine (damn near Canada) to play at universities.  I don't mind the drive much... I have plenty of podcasts, interviews and audio books to keep my mind occupied on those long stretches where even music isn't enough to keep me sane :-)




Looking forward to the days when I can afford a driver, a tour bus, fuck it, a private jet!  But for now, I'm gonna give these shows everything I've got.  Been isolated lately, incubating some new sounds and new approaches to the songs that got me to this place in my career.  I feel like I've been winding up to the breaking point...can't wait to explode onto the stage and leave it all out there.






New music, new website, new collaborations  and a new project coming soon.


AYINDE March 9th...

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October 21, 2017

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